OK so here we are!

Weeks since the last blog post but that’s OK,  I finally have a new phone good enough to host WordPress (sad I know) and I have a so many posts to share with you all!

As it’s coming up to one of the best times of the year – Halloween – I’ve brought out Milos Halloween hoodie for our daily walks.


I can’t wait to show you what they’re wearing for Halloween night! They will be answering the door with me in our new home, we will have just moved in two days before 🙂 So exciting!


Here’s their new backyard. Nothing compared to my parents HUGE garden  but it will do, the best part is it’s got a 6ft wall surrounding it so no more barking doggies 🙂

More updates to follow!

Where have we been?!


So it turns out the posts I have had scheduled for this month have actually just been sitting there in my drafts! The plan was to schedule posts this month as I am super busy moving house so I would write a post 3 – 4 days before scheduling it to be posted.

Moving brain has effected me and I’ve just saved them to drafts without posting!

Not to fear!! I have loads of super cute posts, pictures and Pupdates just ready for you 🙂

So I’m just going to leave this here with you, a picture of Ava with some fluff on her face 🙂

Pupdate #14 Daddy Daughter Time

Although Ava looks sweet and innocent, she actually really dislikes other dogs, including Milo sometimes… She hates them on her path on her walk, in her house or her garden and especially anywhere near her Mammy or her people (so basically just don’t let your doggy anywhere near Ava or any of her belongings).

She can tolerate some dogs that she has become comfortable around, but it’s still a big deal to her.

On Sunday we will be going to a park near us with Ava’s Daddy, Pedro! I’m so excited to see him as they look so similar but no doubt Ava wont be thrilled to see him! Heres a picture of Pedro looking dashing 🙂

Milo on the other hand is totally head over heels in love with every other doggy who crosses his path so seeing Pedro is always fun for him.

Hopefully we will have loads of cute pictures of our little adventure – if Ava behaves herself I can even get some updated family pictures 🙂 Fingers crossed!!

Teacups and Chihuahuas

So lets get this straight, please.

Contrary to popular belief, Teacup Chihuahuas are not a thing. They never should be a thing and never will be a thing, unless of course some crazy breeder manages to breed a dog with a female teacup…

Like Bull Terrier breeds are associated with being violent and Labradors are a ‘mans best friend’, Chihuahuas are associated with teacups, being able to fit into them and in some cases even being smaller. This quote, taken from a popular blog (can you believe), really annoys me “…Teacup Chihuahuas can fit into your pocket or even a teacup when they’re puppies!”.

Firstly, of course the smallest breed of dog can fit into your pocket or a cup when they’re puppies, there is nothing abnormal about that size other then the fact you are putting your dog into a teacup!? In fact I’m sure a lot of small breeds can fit into a cup or pocket when they’re puppies, like Yorkies or Pomeranians. If you can see the picture below, Ava is a puppy and probably would have fit nicely into a teacup…

Secondly, we really need to stop making Teacup Chihuahuas a ‘thing’. Some irresponsible breeders advertise their litters as being ‘teacup’ so that they can charge more per puppy. Others even breed the smallest puppy in the litter, known as the runt, with another little fella just so that they can get even smaller puppies. This is not only really unfair for buyers wanting a ‘tiny Chihuahua’ and ending up with a regular sized one (aren’t they small enough?!) but it’s also animal cruelty and putting your mother dogs in danger of dying giving birth because their fragile bodies can’t handle it.

Some ‘Teacup Chis’ are even highly susceptible to hypoglycaemia which can result in the worst possible case, death.

Although I do understand that some people do not know wiser and will continue to call Chihuahuas Teacup sized, but the best we can do is educate for future breeders and buyers. If you even mention the word teacup around a proper breeder they might not even sell to you!

So, lets just remember, Chihuahuas may be small but they have a huge personality and are not to be associated with crockery, cutlery, pockets, shoe sized, phone sized etc…

However, I do have a rare picture of a wild Strawberry Chihuahua, thats right. A Chihuahua that fits inside a strawberry!

REVIEW: Fin & Fur: Hollings Sprats

As you know from our previous posts, the doggies love natural fish based treats.

After spotting a pack of Sprats while on a trip in the fabulous little pet shop – Wags Pet Boutique (check them out!) I knew that we had to try them, despite the scary/crazy looking appearance (a whole fish?!?).

Of course Milo and Ava went crazy as soon as I picked the packet out of the bag because of the rustling sound, they just knew it was something for them.

Although I had never heard of “Sprats” before – apparently they’re a member of the Herring family? – they are made from 100% natural, fresh fish. The size of the fish are perfect for my two because they sometimes struggle with the larger treats, if you did have a bigger dog I would still recommend them but you may need more then one or two, unlike my two 😉

The packet is really informative and I like that you can actually see the product you are buying rather then just picking up a brightly coloured bag of ‘The Best Treats’ and having no idea what any of the jargon on the back means – don’t worry, we’ve all done it!

To be honest, I could only find one problem with the item on a whole which was a little disappointing, the packet didn’t have a zip lock! Although this isn’t a massive deal but I don’t really want the smell anywhere but in the bag and it is important to keep fresh treats exactly as they are, fresh!

This was easily solved by rolling the packet down and pegging it shut.

Despite the smell (it’s fish, what did you expect? 😉 ) and those goggly little eyes of theirs, my dogs absolutely loved them and we will continue to buy the treats.

3 Years Today!

So it’s been three years today since I brought a seven month old Milo, then known as Percy, home.

He really is and always will be a huge part of my family and it feels like we were all meant to be together 🙂

To celebrate I opened up two cans of Tuna, almost emptied all of them for my dinner and put a little bit of their usual food in the cans with the left over bits of fish, they’re absolute favourite – don’t worry I aways make sure that there are no sharp parts to the can!

I honestly can’t believe it’s been three years already! He still feels like a little baby to me and probably always will because of his puppy like size.

It’s so nice to be able to look back on all of the photos we have of him and see how he’s changed over the years. It’s just such a shame that we only have one picture of him when he is under seven months!

I can’t wait for all the adventures and pictures we will have in another three 🙂


Throwback Thursday

I love a good old throwback! Helps you to remember how little (yes I do realise that they are both still very little now) they once were.

It is a little sad but I actually recorded Milos first time in the garden, as we got him at 7 months and he was my first ever pet let alone doggy!

I really wish he had stayed still for a little longer on this shot as it would have been perfect!

I love how happy he looks knowing that it’s all his and having so much room and freedom to run around and pee on anything and everything.

It’s also a little reminder to how skinny he once was. Although he was a very healthy size then, he has gained some weight since the dreaded snip (ouch) and I do really need to get back on top of it. It’s not so much the amount or type of food we are feeding him, but his metabolism has slowed and he does need that extra bit of exercise.

I’m going to be making some low fat – healthy – dog treats soon, no nasty ingredients or additives, so will post the results and recipes with pictures and updates too.

Pupdate #13 Splish Splash

So after Sundays disaster with the chicken gravy, I’ve had to put my two through some pain… the bath!

Ava seems to think that she can jump out of the bath (she really can’t she’s too small) so won’t sit around while I bath her.

Although Milo will stand and let me bath him, he clearly hates every minute.

The bath was a little too full for them and his poor little back legs were floating and he still refuses to swim.

Hopefully that will be the last of the baths for a long while now! I managed to smother them with enough shampoo to get rid of the sticky chicken-ness, but they never really stand still for long enough to get a proper wash – which I’m sure they do on purpose.

Pupdate #12 Gravy Babies

Uh oh! 

An accident occurred today when we were making Sunday dinner…

The Chicken juices spilt over onto my poor babies – although they didn’t mind – and now they stink of gravy.

They would both happily sit and lick themselves and each other for the rest of the day but the smell is just too bad and they’re starting to stick to everything! It’s almost as bad as the time I spilt a can of beans on Avas head…

Looks like these two mucky puppies are headed for the bath – their least favourite thing to do!